Transforming Lives and Restoring Faith and Hope in Rwanda

Eden’s Child is a non-profit sponsorship program serving villages all across the African country of Rwanda. This child-centered ministry is a partnership between Eden Temple International, pastored by John Mulisa, and you, our donors.

The Living Room Community Church Visit

August 16, 2024


The Living Room Community Church is coming to Youth Camp 2024!

A team of teens and adults from The Living Room Community Church in Kennewick Washington will be in Rwanda for the Youth Camp in Muhanga.

This transformative camp, representing a collaborative effort between Eden’s Child and Eden Temple International, is set to empower Eden’s Child youth through education, personal development, and spiritual enrichment.

This youth camp offers a dynamic platform for our sponsored children to grow and thrive. Through a diverse array of activities and workshops, participants will cultivate leadership skills, delve into educational topics, and deepen their spiritual understanding.

Expect engaging educational workshops covering various themes such as time management, entrepreneurship, children’s rights, and career guidance. These sessions are tailored to equip our sponsored children with practical skills and knowledge for personal and professional success.

Beyond workshops, Youth Focus 2024 will feature sports, artistic expression through traditional dance and talent shows, and opportunities for spiritual growth through morning devotions and evening entertainment. In this supportive environment, we aim to inspire participants to pursue excellence and create positive change in their communities.

Pastors John Mulisa & Monte Ingersoll Discuss Eden’s Child & TLR Missions



Young children begin their education by attending Eden Bright Academy, a preschool operated by Eden Temple International.  Each child is provided a uniform, shoes, and all scholastic materials needed.  The children attend school each weekday morning.
Older children are enrolled in their neighborhood school and all fees, uniforms, shoes, and scholastic materials are provided through sponsorship funds. The vision is to grow Eden Bright to include all sponsor children and open the door to the children in the community so all have the opportunity to earn a bible based education.

Health & Wellness

Sponsorship provides medical insurance for not only the sponsored child, but their entire family. Children and their families learn about personal hygiene and are given monthly supplies of soap and lotion. The soap is multi-purpose and used for bathing, washing clothes and dishes.


Sponsored children and their families attend Eden Temple International Church where they learn about the love of Jesus. Children also attend Saturday Bible Connect to learn more about Jesus, the Bible, and share a meal of porridge together.

Special Projects in our Sponsored Communities

Donations go directly to programs such as building and equipping medical centers in the villages, and support technical training for adults through sewing/tailoring and construction schools. The technical courses teach individuals skills that allow them to become self-sustaining in earning an income to support their families. 

Giving Hope

Research has shown that people living in poverty must be explicitly taught that there is hope of a brighter future. Sponsorship does just that. Be the hands and feet of Jesus by giving hope to a child.

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