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Eden's Child Christmas 2021 Fundraiser

One-time donations:
Amount Raised: $4,990
  • $30,000
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  • $25,010
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This Christmas season we (Eden's Child Foundation - USA) are again asking for a special donation of a recommended $50 per sponsor child to be used for purchasing a year-end distribution of nutritious foods to the sponsor families. This gift idea is centered on the continued support for sponsor families who are still heavily impacted by the results of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, job losses, and increased prices for food, goods, and materials. We are happy to report that no loss of life due to COVID has occurred as of this date to any sponsor child, or their family members. Praise God for His steadfast blessings and love!

Pandemic conditions are currently significantly improving throughout Rwanda; however, their economy struggles to rebound with the long-term impacts to their lives and economy. This special Christmas food distribution will be a tremendous blessing for our Eden’s Child families. Any donation amount will help deliver them a wonderful blessing this Christmas time and into the New Year!

On behalf of the Eden’s Child Foundation, thank you for your generous support financially, and with your prayers for the families of the Eden's Child Sponsorship Program in Rwanda!

Truly yours in Christ,

Mark Yaden, Board President - Eden Childs Foundation  

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