Special Projects

Special Projects Underway

Eden’s Child and Eden Temple International are currently engaged in the following special projects in Rwanda.  Consider partnering with us to make these a reality.  These are updated periodically, so check back again soon.

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Mukindo Medical Center Expansion

The current medical center located in the remote village of Mukindo treats approximately 2,000 patients a month. The center provided limited but critical emergency care and testing and life-saving treatment for illnesses such as Malaria. The medical center is housed in an old building originally donated by the government. This building has suffered water damage throughout the years and is currently in such poor condition it is not financially feasible to rebuild. Since the demand for proper medical treatment in the area is so high the decision was made to construct a new center with expanded capabilities.

The New Medical Center

The property adjacent to the current medical center was purchased and will be the home for the new medical center. The construction plans are already approved by the government, and construction will begin as soon as funding is secured. The new center will expand the number of patients that can be seen per week and also provide expanded care such as labor and delivery. Physical security of medicine and equipment will also be improved as well as stable computer networking to the Butare medical center. This new center will greatly expand medical care and treatment in the area and will have a life long positive impact on the people of Mukindo.

DONATE HERE: https://www.purecharity.com/fundraisers/city-and-village-medical-centers


Eden Bright Academy Expansion

The current Eden Bright Academy is a Christian preschool for Muhanga children aged 3 to 5. They are provided foundational classes which increase there success in the next three grades P1 through P3. The Eden Bright Academy also provides a lunch time meal and safe environment for kids to play and grow together. Due to the overwhelming success of the Eden Bright Academy the Rwandan government has offered the adjacent lot for the construction of a second school in the next three grades.

The Next Three Grades P1-P3

First draft conceptual plans have been developed for the new school expansion with initial construction estimates around $75,000. This cost also allocates a small set aside for the repair and upgrade to the existing preschool. Eden Temple International is developing full architectural plans for the new school and should be approved by the Rwandan government and local officials in early 2024. Construction could begin as early is mid 2024 if early funding is secured.


Planting New Roots in Karama

The church in Karama located just 10 miles West of the Butare church and is led by Pastor Faustin Karorero. The Karama church sits on the beautiful green farming hills on the Northwest corner of the village of Karama. It’s congregation is small but vibrant and growing every month. It was recognized by Pastor Karorero many of the children were not in school or receiving medical care and many families could not afford consistent daily meals. Pastor John Mulisa expanded the Eden Child Sponsorship program to include Karama in 2023 but requires a staff member to administer the program in that area.

How You Can Help

Eden Temple International is looking for an American church to partner with the church of Karama. This requires two simple things. First, a yearly donation of $2,400 to pay for the full-time Eden’s Child coordinator. The new coordinator will administer the program through the church and ensure the most in need are brought into the Eden Child program. The coordinator also distributes food, school supplies, establishes medical insurance, distributes cleaning supplies, and does health and welfare checks on the families. Secondly, your church will need to start sponsoring children for just $35 a month. The first 20 children in dire need have already been entered into the Eden’s child program. Crossroads Church in Bigfork Montana has donated the funds to pay for those 20 families medical costs for the first year as this was the most critical need.

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